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Archive - Township Board - 2006 - October 18
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October 18, 2006

 Supervisor Pat Dean opening with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag called the meeting to order at 10 AM.  Treasurer, Jan Alley, Clerk, Kathie Hart and Trustee Mike Fagan were present.  Trustee Vince Barry was absent.

Public Comments – Matt Miller and Tara Hovey addressed the meeting regarding issues on the November ballot, Mr. Miller on the Mid-Michigan College millage proposal and Mrs. Hovey regarding her credentials for Circuit Court Judge.

Motion by Alley and Fagan to approve the minutes of the September 20, 2006 meeting.  All Ayes. MC

Motion by Hart and Fagan to accept the Treasurer’s report as read.  All Ayes. MC

General Fund                        $303,229.28        

Fire Fund                                 $79,237.09

Garbage Fund                      $114,943.69

Road Fund                            $249,660.00

Weed Fund                           $143,505.04

Total                                    $890,575.10

Motion by Alley and Fagan to pay the bills for September – Payroll checks #14287 - 14318 totaling  $3,772.15.  General Fund checks #14319 – 14324 and 14280 totaling  $17,270.21.  Fire Fund checks #14325 - 14327 totaling $387.87.  All Ayes.  MC

B&K Appraisal advised that that new construction reviews had been completed; permits are down and provided information regarding the effect of property transfers and trust funds.

Fire Board Chair reported on maintenance requirements at the Fire Barn including the need for gravel and new grates in the barn itself; advised the Board that the siren problems were still under investigation; 3 new Fire Board members had been recruited to cover for those current members unavailable during the winter – F. Blakely, M. Larson and R. Norton and advised that an appreciation dinner would be held for our volunteer fire departments members, as well as, Wildwood members on January 27, 2006 at the Secord Lake Eagles.

Planning Commission provided an update of their October 11, 2006 meeting and requested the Board opinion regarding tax issues on a recent property sale that is zoned commercial but the buyers wanted to build a home on the property.  An extensive discussion ensued with the Board agreeing that the property specifically had been zoned commercial in the 5 Year Plan due to it’s location and potential benefit to the community and would not be rezoned. 

Road Commission advised that work had been completed on Wirtz and Ridge Rd. and that the Commission with the County was addressing a drainage problem on Whispering Pines.

Motion by Fagan and Hart to accept a lot split #LS06-03 for Theresa Abbott, property code #130-004-303-003-03.  All ayes. MC

Motion by Alley and Hart to accept a lot split #LS06-04 for Frances Boelter and David Platz, property code #130-370-000-004-00.  All ayes. MC

Motion by Fagan and Alley to accept a lot split #LS06-05 for Joseph Sowards, property code #130-023-202-001-00.  All ayes. MC

Dean provided an update on reviews in process regarding junk enforcement and well and septic issues.

Dean advised that the final report from our auditor had been received with satisfactory results.

Dean reported on the progress regarding easement issues – specific issues being addressed are the seawall overlap on township property and a potential right of way access for subdivision owners.

All were reminded of the change for the next meeting to Monday, November 13, 2006 at 10 AM.

Motion by Hart and Fagan to adjourn at 11: 15AM.

Kathie Hart, Secord Township Clerk

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