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Archive - Township Board - 2006 - September 20
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September 20, 2006

Supervisor Pat Dean opening with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag called the meeting to order at 10 AM.  Clerk, Kathie Hart and Trustees Vince Barry and Mike Fagan were present.  Treasurer Jan Alley was absent.

Public Comments – D. Schwab addressed the attendees and requested their support for the general election in November.

Motion by Barry and Fagan to approve the minutes of the August 16, 2006 meeting.  All Ayes. MC

Motion by Barry and Fagan to accept the Treasurer’s report as read.  All Ayes. MC

General Fund                        $331,468.61        

Fire Fund                               $82,146.82

Garbage Fund                      $125,237.54

Road Fund                            $300,621.24

Weed Fund                           $165,880.94

Total                                  $1,005,355.15

Motion by Barry and Fagan to pay the bills for August – Payroll checks #14239 - 14268 totaling  $3,656.71.  General Fund checks #14269 – 14229 and 14280 totaling  $114,134.64.  Fire Fund checks #14281 - 14286 totaling $1,511.07.  All Ayes.  MC

  • Resolution #06-02 was presented that authorized the payment of an additional $25,000.00 from the Capital Reserve Account to USDA on the Township Hall Loan and reduce the loan by another two years.  Roll Call was taken.  All Ayes except for Alley – absent.

Guest, Diane Hedges gave a presentation regarding the status of the committee appointed by the County Commissioners that is addressing assistance to the euthanization problem at the Gladwin Animal Shelter.

Guest Josh Reid, Gladwin County Commissioner, advised that he had rescinded his motion to sell animals for research due to his constituents wishes; that EDC was progressing; GIS grants were being pursued; the County budget had been passed for $9.3 million; a review of county cars being driven home was under way to insure proper disbursement of units and a discussion ensued regarding 911 tower maintenance.

Fire Board Chair reported that a Fire Prevention Day would be hosted at the Fire Barn on October 8th; animal breathing apparatus had been purchased; discussed the county wide problem with the tornado sirens; that the Secord Township had been used as a command center when the senior wandered from his home; recognition dinner for the volunteers of the Secord Fire Department would be held at the Secord Lake Eagles in January and requested that the Board adopt the following resolution regarding the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

  • Resolution #06-03 was presented which states that the members of the Secord Township Board endorse and do hereby establish the NIMS as the standard for incident management in Secord Township.  Roll Cal was taken.  All Ayes except for Alley – absent.

Planning Commission provided an update of their September 13, 2006 meeting and that they were continuing their review of changes at the October meeting.

Dean provided an update on the proposed sewer meeting he attended advising that Lapham would be advising cost estimates and a survey letter would be sent to residents when information is available to acquire their position on sewers in Secord Township.

Road Commission advised that most of the drainage work had been completed on Wirtz and that the work on Ridge Rd. had been started.

  • Motion by Barry and Hart to accept County Road Commission Participation Program #06-30 – Work to be performed – Place 22A processed road gravel on Wirtz .6 miles west of Three Rivers Rd and on Pineland .5 miles, from existing pavement north to Whispering Pines at an estimated cost of $10,560.00.  MC

Dean advised that the Junk Enforcement Officer was reviewing 3 cases on Lakeshore Dr., White Tail Trail and Whispering Pines.

Motion by Dean and Fagan to change the November meeting from Wednesday, November 15th to Monday November 13, 2006 at 10 PM.  MC

Motion by Hart and Fagan to adjourn at 11: 10AM.

Kathie Hart, Secord Township Clerk


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