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Archive - Township Board - 2006 - July 19
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July 19, 2006

Supervisor Pat Dean opening with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag called the meeting to order at 10 AM.  Treasurer, Jan Alley, Clerk, Kathie Hart and Trustees Vince Barry and Mike Fagan were present. 

Public Comments – The Gladwin County District Library proposed millage was presented by the Library Director who also answered questions from the audience regarding the state of the library.

Motion by Barry and Alley to approve the minutes of the June 21, 2006 meeting.  All Ayes. MC

Motion by Barry and Fagan to accept the Treasurer’s report as read.  All Ayes. MC

General Fund                        $332,265.20        

Fire Fund                               $116,594.26

Garbage Fund                      $144,294.71

Road Fund                            $336,154.27

Weed Fund                           $265,472.88

Total                                  $1,194,781.32

Motion by Barry and Fagan to pay the bills for June – Payroll checks #14135 - 14164 totaling  $3,356.58.  General Fund checks #14165 – 14177 totaling  $23,763.36.  Fire Fund checks #14178 - 14186 totaling $26,391.57.  All Ayes.  MC

Meeting was adjourned at 10:10 AM to allow for AAA to present a grant of $15,800.00 to the Secord Fire Department, which was used to purchase Jaws of Life.

Meeting reopened at 10:25 AM.

Guest Josh Reid, Gladwin County Commissioner, recognized Marge Chamberlain for her efforts in writing the grant request which allowed the purchase of the jaws of life; discussed the current issues on ORV and GIS; advised that the ground breaking for the new airport improvements would occur on Monday, July 24th; and provided an update on F.O.R.G.E. Wiggins Lake, waiving fees for the county and costs of equipment for 911.

B&K Appraisal advised that building permits were down this year but review of open permits would begin the end of August.

Fire Board Chair reported that the brush fire rig was completely upfitted for use; updated the Board on the DNR grant for new boots and helmets; discussed the upcoming millage request and presented credentials for a new MFR applicant, Carrie Crick.

  • Motion by Dean and Hart to accept application for C. Crick.  MC
  • Motion by Dean and Alley to support the proposed August 8th election millage request for the Fire Department.  Roll Call was taken.  All Ayes.

Planning Commission Chair, T. Mitchell, provided an update on the July 12, 2006 meeting which included extensive discussion on the new State Zoning laws; definition of edge of road for variance purposes; set back requirements for portable carports and a request for special use permit for A. Shirkey to build a pole barn to manufacture slats for pallets.  A discussion ensued on this request and it was decided that a public hearing would be scheduled to allow Secord Township residents to be advised of the special use request.

Dean advised that a meeting had been held regarding the seawall problem on one of the Township’s easements.  A resolution as to liability and possible rent/lease for the overlap of the seawall on township property is being pursued.

Hart informed that all election workers had attended training and were now certified for another 2 years and reminded everyone that absentee ballots were available at the Township Hall on Tuesday and Thursday from 10 AM until 1 PM.

D. Jacobsen then addressed the meeting regarding his running for prosecuting attorney on the August election.

Motion by Alley and Hart to adjourn at 11: 25AM.

Kathie Hart

Secord Township Clerk


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