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Archive - Planning Commission - 2019 - July 24
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July 24, 2019

Opened @ 8:58 a.m.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:
Gary VanWambeke,chair--present, Martin Holmes--present, Rex Rowe--abs., Jim
Carroll-present, Laura Combs--present, Becky Sabourin,Zoning Admin.,--present,Jenny
Carroll, secretary--present.

Motion to accept minutes by Marty, support by Laura, all ayes.

Guests today were local Realtors; Ivie Baker, Deb Stover, and Judy Bowman, and an inspector,
Matt Bishop, NACHI Certified Inspector.
Our guests recommendation to us was: us to vote on a motion to use qualified, Health Dept.
approved, outside inspectors that do not work at the health department. They explained how
overwhelmed the Health Dept. is, with more work, having only 2 people to cover more than is
possible. There are people trying to improve this situation. However, we do not need to pass a
motion on this since our ordinance already allows buyer/seller to use any inspector on the list of
Qualified, approved inspectors by the Health dept, Also, they mentioned that if the Township
decides to have an escrow account to hold named monies till all well and septic systems are
passed by Health Dept., (in said sales) that a local title company could do that. More questions
need to be asked. We thanked guests for coming to today’s meeting and for their diligent

concerns in trying to help get our ordinances working out there!!
Gary went over items to include in the December Newsletter. We added a few new items, and
eliminated some other too wordy sentences. Jenny will have newsletter ready for next meeting.
Motion by Gary to add to our Well and Septic ordinance , additional parties,realtors, who have
listed the property, will also be held accountable for repairs. This will be added as #6 of section
3.33 Well and Septic. Also, as #7, under same section, If needed, an escrow account can be
established with approval of Township Board, these (num.6&7) supported by Marty,vote taken,
all ayes, motion passed.

Police Power ordinances will be on our website.
Enforcement of ordinances is our major goal, with emphasis on the fireworks ordinance and
P.O.S. ordinance.
Township is working to make our current well and septic ord ., a county wide ordinance.
Reminder: any resident who may consider selling their property that an inspection of well and
septic is a requirement, before closure can happen. An approved inspection by Michigan
Health Dept., is valid for 5 years.

Also , our guests. 3 realtors, submitted to planning commission, a form “Repairs
Escrow Agreement”. Members read, discussed this form and agree it could be good for the
Township Board to consider. Thank you to our guests for submitting this to us.
Motion by Jenny to adjourn @ 11:17 a.m., support by Marty, all ayes.

Respectfully submitted:
Secretary, Jenny Carroll