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Archive - Planning Commission - 2019 - June 26
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June 26, 2019


Call Meeting to Order: 9:00 A.M.

Pledge of Allegiance:

Roll Call: Planning Commission     Present Absent
Gary Van Wambeke Chairman     ___X____ ______
Carl Kerr Secretary                      ___X____ ______
Jenny Carroll Vice Secretary       ___X ___ _______
Jim Carroll Vice Chairman          ___X_____ ____
Marty Holmes Ex -offico             ___X____ ______
Rex Rowe Member                      ___X____ _____ (Rex will not be available for second meeting in July)
Laura Combs Member                  _______ __X____
Becky Sabourin Zoning Adm.      ___X____ ______
Public Present: Bill Bowman

Approval of Minutes: Minutes for June 26th. And May 8th. Motion to approve by Marty H., 2nd, by Gary V. All A’s

OLD BUSINESS: Gary: Gary brought up point of sale ordinance, he visited Alison Fagan of Standish Health Dept. Passed out county water and septic guidelines. Thinks we need to change ours, for better enforcement. Bill B. will go after buyer and seller of violators as per our attorney. Bill will draft letter to be sent registered mail. We had much discussion on this issue as to weather we need to rewrite or leave it for now as is. We will let the ordinance stand and see how the enforcement goes and if we can get the fine to stick. We may look at adding the seller agent, buyer agent, to ensure compliance and title company at a later date to ensure compliance.

OPEN ISSUES: 1- fee schedule put on web. 2 – Sign Ordinance: are Churches and Non-Profits exempt? 3 – Enforcement of all ordinances, how does board want to handle? The township board adopted at the MAY 2017 MEETING a $150.00 Fine not obtaining a permit prior to starting work / or not getting a permit that is required and a $1,000.00 Fine for not stopping work, until a permit is obtained or ignoring getting a permit or an Ordinance. Carl will get with Twp. Attorney on Point of sale who gets fined and fireworks Police Power Ordinance. 4 – Solar ordinance: was it published? 5 – Becky Change needed to Point of sale for tear down and new well and septic
Report from ZA: Becky Sabourin – 17P+ 1 Permits are being issued. (from last month)
Report from ZBA: Rex - No hearings scheduled.
Public Comments: Carl will get with MTA and State for cemetery requirements. Bill B. will write a draft letter to violators of point of sale, have it approved, prior to sending registered mail.
New Business: The township passed a resolution adopting the state rules for fireworks and the days allowed to fire them off. This year June 29 – JULY 5TH. (AS THE 5TH. IS ON A Friday) tell 11:30 at night only. This will be our second meeting of the month and devoted to Ordinance Review! We reviewed the Fine schedule and it will be posted after removing the DRAFT status. Rex will send a copy to Kathy W. to post. Gary asked that Carl keep a list of ongoing issues for each meeting, so things don’t fall off the table. We reviewed the Police Power Ordinances: picked Junk as the one Rex well rewrite in new format for our review next meeting and then give to board to OK and post.
Agenda for next meeting: All to review: Ordinances for Rentals, Signs, Fireworks: How new resolution went over the 4th. and Noise / Nuisance

Next Meeting Date: July 10th. At 9:00 A.M. This meeting devoted to Ordinance review!

Motion to Adjourn: Marty, 2nd. By Gary at 11:30 All A’s @ 11:45 A.M.