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Archive - Planning Commission - 2019 - June 5
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June 5, 2019


Call Meeting to Order: 9:00 A.M.

Pledge of Allegiance:

Roll Call: Planning Commission         Present Absent
Gary Van Wambeke Chairman      ___X____ ______
Carl Kerr Secretary                       ___X____ ______
Jenny Carroll Vice Secretary        ___X ___ _______
Jim Carroll Vice Chairman            ________ __Ex__
Marty Holmes Ex -offico               ___X____ ______
Rex Rowe Member                          ___X____ _____
Laura Combs Member                   ___X____ ______
Becky Sabourin Zoning Adm.        ___X____ ______

Public Present: 5 Colin C., Bill B., Judy Bowman,
 Judy Cummings and Fire Chief Fred S.

Approval of Minutes: TABLED Minutes for June 26th.

OLD BUSINESS: Gary: Gary will get with Kathy on Solar Ordinance being published in newspaper. Becky brought up Pointe of Sale ordinance change needed, to allow new owners to close and give them time to tear down old dwelling, build new then put in new well and septic. Becky: Needs approval of new building form, Rex will review at next meeting with all members. Also said we were to review fee schedule and finalize. Tabled!

OPEN ISSUES: 1- Fee Schedule, update 2 Whitetail trail addition, no permit 3 Enforcement of all ordinances, how does board want to handle? The township board adopted at the MAY 2017 MEETING a $150.00 Fine not obtaining a permit prior to starting work / or not getting a permit that is required and a $1,000.00 Fine for not stopping work, until a permit is obtained or ignoring getting a permit or an Ordinance. Carl will get with Twp. Attorney on Point of sale who gets fined and fireworks Police Ordinance.

Report from ZA: Becky Sabourin 17P+ 1 Permits are being issued. Sign ordinance: Are Church s and Non /profits required to have a permit and pay?
Report from ZBA: Rex - No hearings scheduled.

Public Comments: Judy Cummings asked about putting a cemetery on the church property 6 acres, across the street. The church is in a R-2 district and that allows for a cemetery under special use. Becky gave her papers for a land use for our considering. Carl will get with MTA and State for cemetery requirements. Judy Bowman asked about two issues she has. 1- Property being sold with trailer on it that will be removed to build a new house with new well and septic. Told to get a notarized document that states intentions and give copy to Bill Bowman. 2- Property that people dont have $ to do the inspection or replace the equipment. Buyer and Seller need to agree on who will do the inspection and replace equipment and complete both prior to closing.
New Business: Colin C. asked that Bill Bowman. and he be recognized at the start of the meeting. Colin asked that we act today on the police power ordinance to allow a township representative to issue citations for illegal fireworks and to FINALIZE the Solar ordinance and Fee schedule for permits. Bill B. wanted us to address the Point of Sale ordinance as to Who gets fined and How much, for not complying with the ordinance. Carl will call our lawyer. Marty made a motion1- To Fine the buyer / buyer agent, the seller / seller agent and the tittle Co. w/ a $500.00 Fine and $500.00 a day until resolved. Carl seconded it. Gary-N, Marty-Y, Jenny-N, Lora-Y, Rex-Y, Carl-Y. The motion passed 4 to 2. Fred will draft a police power ordinance for the board to review decide on allowing an authorized township person to issue citations for illegal fireworks, with a $1,000.00 FINE. We discussed at great length the firework Ordinance changes that need to be made to comply with 256 that was amended May 30th. 2019. It was decided that the ordinance mentions 256 and does not need to be revised. The Board has the power to in-act a Police power ordinance at any time and is effective after being posted in the newspaper. Carl will check with our attorney.

Agenda for next meeting: All to review: the fee schedule, Rental Ordinance and Sign Ordinance as to requirements for Non-Profit & Churches.

Next Meeting Date: June 26th. At 9:00 A.M.
Motion to Adjourn: Jenny C., 2nd. By Laura C. at 11:30 All As @ 11:45 A.M.