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Archive - Planning Commission - 2018 - September 12
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September 12, 2018

Call Meeting to Order: 9:00 A.M.

Pledge of Allegiance:
Roll Call: Planning Commission      Present Absent
Gary Van Wambeke Chairman      ___X____ ______
Carl Kerr Secretary                       ___X____ ______
Jenny Carroll Vice Secretary        ___X____ ______
Jim Carroll Vice Chairman           ___X____ ______
Holmes Ex -office                        ___ X____ _____
Rex Rowe Member                       ___X_____ _____
Laura Comes Member                 ____X_____ _____
Becky Sabourin Zoning Adm.      ___EX ____ ______

Approval of Minutes: Marty made motion to approve and Laura seconded All As Motion passed, with a correction of the date of Public Hearing to October 20th. At 10:00 A.M.
Public Comments: 0 public present Gary mentioned we each make comments and stick to the agenda. Gary gave a quick update on roads the road commission will not reevaluate our roads for the next couple of years. Gary has a report from the health department on inspections year to date, he will give a copy to Colin. Rex: asked that we look at geo Thermo systems that are dumping into the lake. Carl will check with the state on the requirements. Carl made a complaint form for Becky and sent it to her. Carl received a copy of the contract for the solar farm and will give it to Kathy to file. Carl said PLM will be at the township Board meeting in September for a yearend Review / Update, they did a lake survey on 8122018.
Open Issues: 1- Solar Farm s Ordinance, 2- Rental Property (Can fees be attached to tax bill, if not paid?) 3-Enforcement of ordinances. 4- Point of sale ordinance. 5- Signs. 6 Bush hogging Twp. Ditches. 7 Weed and lake committee git board approved pay for meetings and lake review.
Report from ZA: Becky Seabourn: Container on Lake Shore D. was removed!
Report ZBA: Rex: No meetings scheduled.
Solar Farms
Point of Sale Stats on 25% Failure rate.
Becky Sabourin Issues
Future meeting agenda
Open Issues
Existing Ordinances: Solar Farm ordinance: The Board was given a draft copy of the ordinance at the last meeting for review and they all approved it for the Public Hearing. Rex updated the Solar Ordinance and advised that we dont combine Commercial and Residential in one. We had voted to put them both in one. After much discussion it was decided to combine both in the draft ordinance for the public hearing. Rex will add the residential back in the ordinance for the October 20th. 2018 @ 10:00 A.M. We had a roll call vote: 4-Y, 1-N and 2-obstaine, if he gets a majority and the motion passed. Kathy will be notified to post the notice in the paper. Rex noted that Solar panels are not allowed in R-1 districts, per our ordinance. We will ask at the hearing what the people think? Point of Sale: Gary received information from the Health Dept. on the recorded inspections to date. He also gave us a copy of letter from resident asking that we do away with the ordinance, due to cost. Rex asked why we keep talking about this as the ordinance is working, we all agreed. Rex did not get to revising the fee schedule. Open Issues: Gary gave us all a sample design for the sign base for the M-30 sign, we did not get to this issue today. Water Sampling: Carl took the samples, to find out they can only be taken Monday Thursday and must be delivered to Lansing Lab by 2:30 P.M. and can only be 6 hours old. The testing will be rescheduled. Locations are: 1- The Dam, 2- Secord/Clement border (by little marina), 3- Under bridge by Finkbeinder, 4- The middle branch (by rope swing) cut at twp. boundary, 5- The inlet on the west branch off West Branch Dr. 6- The intersection of the west branch and the main river. Carl will get with the State on Geo Thermo requirements. Gary brought up that we must stay on track with the agenda. We reviewed next years calendar, as to the dates and doubling up on the summer months. The following meetings we agreed to: 2019 Jan. 9th., Feb., Mar. and April No Meeting, May 8th., June -12th. & 26th., July 10th. & 24th., Aug. 14th. & 28th., Sept. 11th., Oct. 9th., Nov. 13th., Dec. 11th. With Special meetings as required.
Motion to adjourn: Marty made a motion to adjourn, Seconded by Laura. All As
Agenda for Next meeting:
Fee Schedule Revised:
Prep. For Public Hearing:
Beckey Open Issues:
Open Issues:
Next Meeting: 10/12/2018