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Archive - Planning Commission - 2017 - October 4
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October 4, 2017

Call Meeting to Order: 9:00 A.M.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call: Chair-Rex Rowe, abs., Carl Kerr- secretary, abs., Jim Carroll
Vice-chair-present, Laura Combs, present, Marty Holmes- present, Gary
VanWambeke-present, Jenny Carroll vice-secretary-present, Beckie
Sabourin-Zoning Administrator, present.

Marty made motion to accept minutes from Sept.13,207, “with mistakes”,
Support by Laura, all ayes.

Old Business:
Gary brought up discussion about trailers (snow mobiles, jet skiis,etc.) to
think about how many trailers can be allowed on residents property.
I think we talked about this a couple of years ago. Does this come
under the existing ordinance for trailers and r.v.’s? I will check into this.

Marty, we do not enforce what ordinances we have now. How can this
be improved upon? This has come up before at township meetings,
asked by public also, no one seems to have an answer! We rely on what
is always been our strategy: if a person sees something he/’she knows
or strongly thinks is wrong, they should write a letter to Supervisor,
problem gets investigated, then hopefully gets resolved. We will continue
this until somebody has a new plan.

New Business:
Have Beckie check on new addition on home on Pinehurst, to confirm if
they applied for a land use permit.

Board members had a discussion about the possibility of having a
volunteer, once a week at the hall, available for citizens who wish to stop
In to ask a question to someone in person, since we realize not everyone
has access to a computer. Also, it could be beneficial for those people, if
needed, to pick up a permit The day and time, perhaps a Tuesday or
Thursday, from 11:00-1:00 , or whatever is decided, should be posted on
a simple sign , out front of hall. Jim made a motion for this, with Laura
supporting, vote taken, all ayes. Jenny will present this to the Township

Gary just wondered if there are any updates or changes to the Fema
maps, Maybe Rex is aware or he could find out.

Beckie met this morning with owner of Green Cross; he gave her all
permits, site plan, and drawings and a check for both permit and site plan
review. Board members each looked everything over, We decided it all
looked good, and this has been going on for almost 2 years! Motion
byJim to accept this and present to the Township Board, support by
Laura, all ayes.

Beckie gave minister of the church (across street) paper work to fill
out,such as a permit. He apologized for not having done this prior.
Blueberry Lane resident assured Beckie that he will finish his bldg., next
year, after things work out for job and income to continue.
Beckie had 10 zoning permits issued last month.
Medical Marijuana: Jenny motion to repeal our existing ordinance,
Section 9.23, pages 26 &27 , Gary support, vote taken, all ayes.
Gary made motion to adopt the “opt-out” option on page 8 of MTA’s
Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Resources ( 8-28-2017)., Jim
support, all ayes.

Another motion by Gary was made to replace Section 9-23 with
Reference to “opt-out” option of MTA’s Medical Marijuana Facilities
Licensing Resources, support by Marty, vote taken, all ayes. Jenny will give
this to Township Board for their approval.

Motion to adjourn @ 11:02, by Jenny, support by Laura,all ayes.

NEXT MEETING: November 8.2017 @ 9:00 a.m. EVERYONE is

Respectfully submitted:
Jenny Carroll, vice-secretary