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Archive - Planning Commission - 2017 - August 23
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August 23, 2017

Call Meeting to Order: 9:00 A.M.

Pledge of Allegiance:

Roll Call: Planning Commission      Present     Absent

Rex Rowe Chairman                      ___X____ ______

Carl Kerr Secretary                        ___X____ ______

Jenny Carroll Vice Secretary         ___X____ ______

Jim Carroll Vice Chairman            _______ __Ex___

Marty Holmes Ex -offico               ___X____ ______

Gary Van Wambeke Member        ___X_____ _____

Laura Combs Member                   ___X____ ______

Becky Sabourin Zoning Adm.       ___ X____ ______

Public Present: 1 - Al Sabourin

Approval of Minutes: Public Hearing 8/05/2017 With changes Marty made motion to approve Gary 2nd. All As Minutes of 8/09/2017 Motion by Gary and 2nd. By Jenny to approve all As

Gary gave up date on roads and costs of Chip & Seal $26,000 per mile / Ultra/Thin $51,000 per mile, these coasts 50/50 with county. Rex received new information on Solar from the Solar Co. and a sample ordinance, he will give copies to all so the planning committee can adopt a new ordinance to allow Solar farms in some districts. Carl gave the board a copy of sign installation quote, it was more than then we thought and was asked to put foundation on hold, tell funds can be approved and get the sign installed on posts, this year. Carl gave installation quote to Colin and Mickey. The violated-on property at 2514 Blueberry Lane. This property was closed on, the cost was more due to the location being notified not to by the township without the health departments approval. A violation notice was sent to the new owner, both the selling and listing real states and the Tittle Co. that did the closing. (A Fine of $1,000.00 is due) For will full disregard of the Ordinance! 30 days has passed and Carl will send a fine notice to owner.

OPEN ISSUES: 1- Fee Schedule for fines. 2 - DEQ person out of the Bay City office: Tina Waffa That will act on a complaint from the Township on leaking Septic Systems. (989) 894-6260.) 3-Enforcment of ordinance, how does the board want to handle this? 4 - Marty has drafted a Solar Farm Ordinance for our review. 5 - Rex will get information for certificate of occupancy. 6 Property with two garages at 10 White Tail Tr. (Becky). 7 Variance for shed that was denied. 8 Sign Ordinance violation with lawyer. 9 -. Church building a garage, no permit issued. West River boat launch property next to it built a fence too high and too close to the water.

Report from ZA: Becky Sabourin 35 + permits issued this year, she has a problem with people living on 2506 Blueberry Ln. asked Bill W. To investigate, Colin to follow up. The township board adopted at the MAY MEETING a $150.00 Fine not obtaining a permit prior to starting work / or not getting a permit that is required and a $1,000.00 Fine for not stopping work, until a permit is obtained or ignoring getting a permit or an Ordinance.

Report from ZBA: Rex - No hearings scheduled. Going back to court 8/28/2017 on West Branch Dr. property!

New Business: The Township Board voted to not sell the property on Lake Shore Dr. at the last meeting, the planning com. Will continue to review this property. The township sign will be installed on 4 X 4 for now, looking at foundation next year. Huggers Sign will install the sign. Marty and Carl will have attended a MTA seminar on Hot Topics and gave the board an update on the information they received. Our board has mixed feelings and we will continue to gather information on the issue of Marijuana, and recommends we table our current ordinance for now. The public hearing a lighting issue was brought up, we all need to review Article 3: Section 3.29 Outdoor lighting, for discussion at next meeting. Fences were brought Up again on the 6 / 4 issue. Carl started a Planning Face Book Page for the planning committee to send the correct information out. A need to publish the ordinances that we have finalized came up, as they are not in affect tell 30 days after publication, Rex will gather the last copies of each and bring to our September meeting for final review and summarization for publication. Rex passed out a stop operation order for West River Drive and Dan Road property, he will make changes and have Bill W. deliver. Laura is gathering information on updating and finding out what we want on our site. We talked about our weeds on the lake and the problems we are having this year. The weed committee is getting sealed bids for a new contract. Two new companies have been out to review our lake issues. We are hoping to have the bids delivered before the October meeting. We talked about our tables in our Ordinances and the need for us to review them, there are some that need to be changed and updated. Decks in water side set back area are becoming a big issue, going from decks to covered structures, with railings, roofs and walls. These are illegal and must be stopped. The fire department has asked us to consider some type of road sign, for the lake side. (this would make knowing where you are on the water better should you need assistance)

Agenda for next meeting: All to review the Solar, Rental property and Marijuana ordinances, outdoor lighting and the ordinance tables to discuss next meeting.

Next Meeting Date: September 20th. At 9:00 A.M.

Motion to Adjourn: Marty H., 2nd. By Gary V. at 11:30 All As @ 11:50 A.M.