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Archive - Planning Commission - 2017 - July 13
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July 13, 2017

Call Meeting to Order: 9:00 A.M.

Pledge of Allegiance:

Roll Call: Planning Commission Present Absent
Rex Rowe Chairman                  ___X____ ______
Carl Kerr Secretary                    ___X____ ______
Jenny Carroll Vice Secretary     ___X____ ______
Jim Carroll Vice Chairman        ________ __Ex___
Marty Holmes Ex -offico           ___X____ ______
Gary Van Wambeke Member     ___X_____ _____
Laura Combs Member                ___X____ ______
Becky Sabourin Zoning Adm.    ___ X____ ______
Public Present: 1 Lynn Holme – Reg. 3980 Pineland Point Rd., septic built on neighbor’s property – survey done neighbors agree on new property line. Rex will get them form to adjust property lines.
Approval of Minutes: June 14th. 2017 Marty made motion to approve Gary 2nd. All A’s
No new information on Solar, we asked for the Solar Co. to present a site plan to the planning committee and we will have to change the ordinance to allow if we all agree. A Public Hearing will be held on August 5th, at 9:00 A.M. Carl is working on sign, permits and installation with Ben Boroughs of MDOT, still waiting on approval! The sign is complete, Carl will have a picture for the Township meeting. The Gladwin county road engineer remarked the road for location of the sign (The location is just south of old M-30), miss dig will mark the new location. Sign Permits to date: 4 Kennedy Space Center added, Carl gave the Secord Eagles another application and Tera is working on Secord Marine center issue. Green Cross has not yet applied for Site Plan Review for his property on Dam Rd or completed the cleanup on West River Drive. A letter was sent on June 14th. to date no response, a stop operations order will be issued, if no response by July 15th. Point of sale ordinance was violated on property at 2514 Blueberry Lane. This property was closed on, after being notified not to by the township without the health departments approval. A violation notice will be sent to the new owner, both the selling and listing real states and the Tittle Co. that did the closing. (A Fine of $1,000.00 is due) For will full disregard of the Ordinance!

OPEN ISSUES: 1- Recordable documents for point of sale: Carl gave Kathy W. the original recorded copy and gave all planning members a copy, he also dropped off a copy to two title companies. (North Star & Superior) Deeds to be Recorded, the fee is $30.00. 2 – Fee Schedule for fines. 3 – DEQ person out of the Bay City office: Tina Waffa That will act on a complaint from the Township on leaking Septic Systems. (989) 894-6260.) 4-Enforcment of ordinance, how does the board want to handle this? 5 - Marty has drafted a Solar Farm Ordinance for our review. 6 - Rex will get information for certificate of occupancy. 7 – Property with two garages at 10 White Tail Tr. (Becky). 8 – Variance for shed that was denied.

Report from ZA: Becky Sabourin – 23 permits issued this year, she has two requests for permits. The township board adopted at the MAY MEETING a $150.00 Fine not obtaining a permit prior to starting work / or not getting a permit that is required and a $1,000.00 Fine for not stopping work, until a permit is obtained or ignoring getting a permit or an Ordinance.

Report from ZBA: Rex - Two hearings will be scheduled. 1 – For a land split and one for a Pole Barn variance, closer than set back allowed.

New Business: Secord Sign is COMPLETED by Hoggers Sign, waiting for an. installation quote. Carl is waiting on a quote from Grindel Concrete the contractor for base construction, the will tell us amount of stone to order from Home Depot. The permit is progressing, MDOT wants 40’ from the white line and that is too far off the road and in the drainage ditch. Note to All: All signs in Secord Township require a permit – There are no exceptions! Carl will proceed passing out Sign Permit Applications, for all signs in the Township. Carl is making a spread sheet to track sign permits. We talked about Marijuana Ordinance, we will continue to gather information. Jenny shared information she had gathered, an MTA seminar is scheduled for August 9th. The township has reserved two spots. Public Hearing August 5th. Will be published for Weeds, Solar Power, Rentals and Marijuana, The Ordinances for the Following will be published: Campers / R.V., Peddlers, Fire run charges, Fire Works, Signs, Fences and Rental properties. Carl will issue Point of Sale violation notices for 2514 Blueberry Ln. To: owner, both realtor’s and the Title Co. We talked about our township web page and the need to update it, Lora C. will continue to ok into the issue and report back. Carl will get with the register of deeds to get names of Title companies in our county. We discussed the Fence Ordinance, the last revision was October 12 2016, we will remove the set back of 10’ requirement in the revision. Jenny C and Carl K will meet with PLM today at 12:00.

Agenda for next meeting: All to review the Solar, Rental property and Marijuana ordinances, to understand to Review Marty’s Solar ordinance DRAFT, Sign Ordinance and Rental Ordinance.

Next Meeting Date: July 26th. At 9:00 A.M. – Two meetings scheduled for August 9th, & 23rd., With a Public Hearing scheduled for August 5th, at 9:00 A.M.
Motion to Adjourn: Marty H., 2nd. By Gary V. at 11:30 All A’s @ 11:40 A.M.