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Archive - Planning Commission - 2017 - May 10
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May 10, 2017

Call Meeting to Order: 9:05 A.M.

of Allegiance:

Roll Call: Planning Commission     Present    Absent
Rex Rowe Chairman                     ___X____ ______
Carl Kerr Secretary                       ___X____ ______
Jenny Carroll Vice Secretary        ___X____ ______
Jim Carroll Vice Chairman           ___X____ ______
Marty Holmes Ex-Offico              ___X____ ______
Gary Van Wambeke Member      ________ ___X___
Laura Combs Member                  ___X____ ______
Becky Sabourin Zoning Adm.      ___X____ _______
Public Present: 10

Approval of Minutes: April 12th. 2017 Carl made motion to approve Laura 2nd. All A’s

Announcements: Colin Comes addressed the board and public present with several issues: 1 – Cattle farm in Edwards Twp. Meeting attended 5/8/17. 2 – Medical marijuana ordinance, need to gather information and be prepared. 3 – Need for respect for others on board, no badmouthing outside of our meetings. 4 – Secord Sign is being built, he wants it as soon as possible. Carl is working on sign, permits and installation quotes, the sign should be done by June 1st. Carl has also been working on our Township Sign permit with Ben Boroughs of MDOT. 5 – Solar Farm Ordinance. Jim O of Green Cross has not applied for Site Plan Review for his property on Dam Rd. Rex gave him all the paper work last fall, Colin asked him for a 5 year plan.
OPEN: 1- Recordable documents for point of sale. 2 – Fee Schedule for fines. 3 – DEQ person out of the Bay City office: Tina Waffa That will act on a complaint from the Township on leaking Septic Systems. (989) 894-6260.) 4-Enforcment of ordinance, how does the board want to handle this? 5 - Marty has drafted a Solar Farm Ordinance for boards review. 6 – Rental Property Ordinance – Who will enforce and who will issue permits?
Report from ZA: Becky Sabourin – 15 permits issued this year, several people building things without permits. We need a fine schedule for building without a permit and continuing to build after being told not to. Becky is checking on two parcels on White trail, for permits. 3700 and lot on M-30 & White Tail Tr. (south intersection, on south side.
Report from ZBA: Rex - Need to schedule several Hearing
New Business: Secord Sign is being built by Hoggers Sign, with a completion date of June 1st. Carl will find contractor for base construction and installation, the permit is progressing. Rex had passed out a DRAFT of the R.V. Ordinance – We need to get final DRAFT to board next week. We discussed our Marijuana Ordinance and the need to continue to work on it, so were ready when the state votes on it this fall. We all seem to have different views on what we think about the subject. We will all review our ordinance and look for more information, the solar farm issue was brought up by a resident who was approached by a solar power company that is interested in renting his property. We will review Marty’s ordinance at the next meeting. We have an issue with a parcel that is jointly owned and wants to split of two sections, one having a pole barn on it, Rex will get with Allen B. our accessor to find a solution and bring it back to our board. We talked about a fine for those building something without a permit and continuing work after being warned. Carl made a motion to present a fine of $150.00 for building without a permit, a fine of $1,000.00 for continuing to build or completing the construction without a permit. It was 2nd. By Jim – All A’s. Rex will take this to the board next week. This is a large problem in the township, with property owners building on their property without a permit.

Home Work: Review R.V, ordinance and Solar Farm ordinance for discussion

Next Date: June 14th. At 9:00 A.m.

Motion to Adjourn: Carl K, 2nd. By Jim C. All A's 12:10 P.M.