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Archive - Planning Commission - 2016 - November 9
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November 9, 2016


Call Meeting to Order:
Pledge of Allegiance:
Roll Call: Planning Commission Present Absent
Rex Rowe Chairman                ___X____ ______
Carl Kerr Secretary                  ___X____ ______
Jenny Carroll Vice Secretary    ___X____ ______
Jim Carroll Vice Chairman       ___X____ ______
Marty Holmes Member             ___X____ ______
Gary Van Wambeke Ex -offico ______ ___E___
Laura Combs Member               ___X____ ______
Becky Sabourin Zoning Adm.   ___X____ _______

Announcements: New Department of Health Director, meeting scheduled 11-29-2016 at 10:00. Carl talked with Tera and she will work on a Recordable Document for our Point of Sale Ordinance. Any sale / transfer of property in Secord requires this inspection! Carl sent Rex and Kathy Wilton a DRAFT copy of Planning News Letter, for placing in Tax billings.

Public Comments: 3 – Colin Combs, Lady of the Lakes North - Carolyn Ochab & Ryan Ropp

Approval of Minutes of previous meeting: 8/10/16 & 10/12/16 Motion by Marty to minutes, 2nd by Jenny - All A's Colin wanted to talk about aa few things: 1 – Point a of sale, that is not working and asked the realtors to attend this meeting. They brought a letter from a member of Michigan Realters Assoc. (They think the Township does not have the authority to regulate wells and septic system) and gave us copies. After talking with them, wells seem to be a bigger problem than septic systems, as wells can be a larger cost. Much discussion took place, we thanked them for their input. 2 – Marty Holmes will become the new ex-officio for our group. 3 – Constables: Maxine was elected and 3 others ran, the winner will become the 2nd. Constable. The board will decide on additional duties for them and the number needed, such as ordinance enforcement.

Items from last meeting: Rex will ask Board to consider paying someone to follow up on ordinances, maybe an assistant for Becky (ZA). As enforcement or lack of was a common problem with all. Carl made a motion to recommend to the Twp. Board at the next meeting that they appoint someone to enforce the ordinances. Much discussion! Roll Call Vote: Rex- N, Carl-Y, Jenny-Y, Marty-N, Gary-Y, Vince-Y, Jim-Had to leave early. Vote Total: 4-Y, 2-N, 1-A Motion carries!

New Business: Well and Septic Ordinance not working! Need action NOW to get back on track. (hold up sale, fine real estate offenders, get with regiestor of deeds or title office. 3 – R.V. & Trailers: Board had these suggestions: No more than two (like in ordinance), Grandfather clause tell 2020, No permits! Colin asked attorney to look at ordinance for suggestions. 4 – Charter network will attend next week's Board meeting. After Colin completed his comments we talked about what question we have for the attorney: Can we hole up sale? Can we demand certificate of occupancy?, What blocks can we impose on sale? Jim and Jen said they will check out occupancy and give feedback next meeting. Carl will get with the title company opinion, as to what we can do to include inspection prior to closing. Carl will get with ISP to check out Planning having own web page with password required? Jenney Carroll made a motion to limit our meetings to two (2) Hours, 2nd. By Marty H. All A’s

Report from ZA: Becky Sabourin – Many call on Ordinances, what’s required and not required, we better way to get word out. Carl gave Becky a check for sign permit from Green Cross on Damn Rd. The permit was approved and Becky will talk with him on that and the storage issues. We still have no plan for what he is doing on his commercial property. Looking for a permit on lot at M-30 and south White Tail Tr. w/ two garage’s.

Report from ZBA: Rex Rowe – The scheduled meeting 10/13 will be rescheduled as Owner did not attend only Bob Williams was there. New Hearing scheduled 11/17/2016 @ 10:00 A.M.

Agenda for next meeting: All to review Draft copy of Land Division’s, think about enforcement duties and job responsibilities of person Board appoints and Review R.V. & Trailers.

Next Date: December 14th. At 9:00 A.M.

Motion to Adjourn: Marty H., 2nd. By Jenney C. at 12: All A's