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Archive - Planning Commission - 2016 - June 22
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May 24

May 28

May 28 Public Hearing

June 8

June 22

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Planning and Zoning Commission
Secord Township


Meeting called to order at 9:00 A.M. By Chairman: Rex Rowe

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:
                                Present   Absent

Rex Rowe                 X
Jenny Carroll                          E
Gary Van Wambeke  X
Martin Holmes          X
Carl Kerr                   X
Bekey Sabourn          X
Jim Carroll                X
Vince Berry               X

Announcement: 1- Public present. Gary asked if our meeting day can be changed, so he can attend the Road commission meetings? We will discuss next meeting. Fire Works ordinance has not been posted in the paper yet. Vince brought up grass on Township property, needing to be maintained. Township Board must get bids to have them maintained!

Approval of Minutes: of May 28th.. Meeting - TABLED!

Old Business: One of the violations on West Branch Drive, has been torn down, other issues remain unresolved. The Secord Township welcome sign was returned to the planning commission for review of 1 or 2 sided and if it should be angled? Carl will get with the county road commission for exact location of sign (South / West corner of the township). It was decided it will be two sided and be set to be seen from both directions.

Z.B. - Becky Sabourin - Request to build a Sun room on west Branch dr. 3 from property line, would require variance and not likely to be granted! The requirement of surveys was discussed for all permits. Lot of complaints on Green Cross property on West River Dr. - Storage of material and equipment, also running business out of home. Complaint will be filed! There storage yard off Dam Rd. is being worked on without a site plan or building permit. Carl will call them.

Z.B.A Rex: drawing up procedure for how to handle fines. Carl has contacted Denise K. for information on how other communities handle it the average fine is $500.00 per day, each day is another violation if not corrected. Rex will schedule a ZBA hearing soon.

New Business: .Land Divisions: #1 - 3178 W. River Dr. Move property line Pie shaped 10 on water back to property stake at road. Motion to approve with clarification on well & septic location (X on sketch). Rex will get information and make recommendation to the Board to approve! #2 - Owner wants to create 8 parcels, with two on the water. Tabled for more information. #3 - Shared property, owners want to create three lots (one has pole barn) and leave remaining property wit joint ownership. Tabled for more information.
R.V. / Camper ordinance: Rex suggested we basically start over and review each part with regards to public comments from the Public Hearing. Carl is going to start a petition to see how many of our residence want the ordinance requiring permits and controlling the number of units you can have on one parcel. Rex wants all to review ordinance considering the comments from the hearing,

Discussion & Home Work: Review all Public Hearing issues for the RV/Trailer, ordinance: Septic systems / self contained, how we know there not dumping in woods or ditches, Holidays (number allowed) and Size of property.

Next Meeting: July 13th. @ 9:00 AM

Motion to adjourn meeting at 11:45 P.M. Made by Vince Berry 2ND. BY Jim Carroll - All As and no objections, Adjourned @ 12:00


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