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Archive - Planning Commission - 2016 - June 8
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May 28 Public Hearing

June 8

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Planning and Zoning Commission
Secord Township


Meeting called to order at 9:00 A.M. By Chairman: Rex Rowe

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:
                              Present   Absent

Rex Rowe                  X
Jenny Carroll             X
Gary Van Wambeke   X
Martin Holmes           X
Carl Kerr                    X
Bekey Sabourn           X
Jim Carroll                 X
Vince Berry               X 

Announcement: 10 Public present. Carl read letter from resident, who has (8) lots and is in favor or the R.V. & Camper ordinance. Rex asked the public for comments on Public Hearing.

Public Comments: 1- go after just the abusers, not everyone. 2- Good turnout, size of lot should determine number of units allowed. Tough job to educate people, more don’t know what’s going on. Three big weekends, should allow more units. 3- large lots should have more flexibility. Couldn’t locate other townships with R.V. ordinance
4- How are you enforcing this? 5- most trailers are self contained. 6- You don’t want any comments. 7- You should down size the ordinance, too many words. 8- does ordinance require a permit to store a unit? Yes. 9- Permit is a no cost permit to store. 10- Set Backs are required for all structures. Comments closed at 9:30.
Approval of Minutes: of May 28th.. Meeting - TABLED!
Old Business: West Branch Drive, court proceeding June 21st. Are the demolition cost and court costs included The Secord Township welcome sign: Gary sign in wrong location! Location was approved by the board. Jenny Sign should be at start of Township. Carl made a motion to recommend the sign be placed in the south / West corner of the Township and be two sided. Roll Call Vote: Rex Y, Vince Y, Jenny Y, Jim Y, Marty Y, Carl Y, Gary N. Motion passed!

Z.B. - Becky Sabourin - Requests for several permits, she will get with Rex.

Z.B.A Rex Land Divisions becoming an issue, we need to dedicate time to resolve the issues. Rex will schedule a ZBA hearing soon.

New Business: .Review of ordinances to present to Board for approval. - WEEDS - Gary lawn service let it grow to seed, min. of 9”, Marty - 8” is just a base number, Rex basic blight is standard 8”. Marty made motion to change to 10’ - 12” and send to the Board, Jenny 2nd. Roll Call Vote: All A’s. Fire Rescue Ordinance: Marty made a Motion no wording change, just remove Fee schedule and send to Board: Jenny 2nd.All A’s
Peddlers Ordinance: Rex we are not after the Swan man or the Ice Cream man, but need this ordinance, Marty fire works started this to control sales, Carl Township needs it to protect residences. Jenny made Motion to approve the Draft and send to the Board for approval, Marty 2nd. Roll call vote: All A’s. Fire Works Ordinance: Marty- Add luminaries / sky lanterns to ordinance, Carl reviewed Beaverton’s ordinance. Motion by Marty to approve 2nd. By Jim. Roll call vote: 3-yes, 3-no Tie vote. Much discussion on language, all thought we needed it. Carl suggested a Motion to Add luminaries to language, Add - Low impact to 1.3 , Add Commercial grade to 1.4 and send to the Board for approval, Marty 2nd. Roll call vote: All A’s.
Gary comment: Rex has copy of road right away for Center road Me. North’s property.
Discussion & Home Work: Review all Public Hearing issues for the RV/Trailer, ordinance: Septic systems / self contained, how we know there not dumping in woods or ditches, Holidays (number allowed) and Size of property.

Next Meeting: June 22nd. @ 9:00 AM

Motion to adjourn meeting at 12:30 P.M. Made by Vince Berry 2ND. by Jim Carroll - All As and no objections, Adjourned @ 12:35

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