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Archive - Planning Commission - 2016 - May 11
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Meeting 05-28-2016 PUBLIC HEARING


Meeting called to order at 10:00 A.M. By Chairman: Rex Rowe

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:
                                   Present       Absent

Rex Rowe                       X
Jenny Carroll                                    E
Gary Van Wambeke       X
Martin Holmes                X
Carl Kerr                        X
Becky Sabourin              X
Jim Carroll                                        E
Vince Berry                    X

Announcement: 54 - Public present. (per sign in sheet) Rex reviewed the agenda and gave the guidelines for how the Hearing would be run (Speakers will approach the podium, give name and will be allowed 3 minutes to speak) Carl explained that the meeting was being recorded and all comments would be considered.

Approval of Minutes: of MAY 11th.. Meeting - Approval Tabled!

Old Business: TABLED

Z.B. - Becky Sabourin - Tabled!

Z.B.A Rex: Tabled!

New Business: .Public Hearing Fire Works Ordinance - Rex outlined the purpose of the ordinance, Fred our fire chef gave further comments on the need and opened decisions: Many comments on why the need, when its been going on for years. All were told nothing changes on personal fire works, but if your use causes a fire you could be charged. Comments: 1- Change wording to only commercial, the ordinance was designed to control large Fire Work displays, witch are becoming moor common on the river. This will allow protection of residence property!

Fire Rescue: Marrty & Fred reviewed the ordinance and the need for it. They explained how and why the fees are charged. The fee schedule will not be part of the ordinance. Comments: No real problems were discussed.

R.V.s and trailer Ordinance: (10:20 - 11:30) Rex and Carl explained the ordinance and why we worded it the way we did. It was also explained that the ordinance has been in effect for years, but never enforced and this was one of the top issues at the public hearings when we were drafting the new Master Plan & Ordinances. There was never any negative feed back at these hearings or brought up to the planning committee. And the Township board adopted the ordinance on January 8th. 2015. Comments: 1- No need for the ordinance, its our property, 2- Holiday weekends and special occasions should allow more than (2) TWO per parcel. 3- Were paying the taxes, why do we need a permit. 4- Go after the problem areas, don’t control us all. (Told people can not be singled out without an ordinance.) 5- Why can only one unit be stored? 6- Look at other ways to control septic waste! 7- Appears were trying to pin Trailers & Rvs against the home owners. 8- I’m not going to get a permit! 9- Looks like you just targeted cretin areas of the township! 10- Carl is trying to control the township and he is not an elected officer, 11- One resident was asked to leave after a prolonged outbursts. 12- Did people who wrote this ever camp? ( Yes for many years) 13- some thought the ordinance was OK and was needed, maybe with a few changes. 14- Number of units allowed should be based on size of the property. 15- What is the best number of units that should be allowed? A last question was taken: 16: If we get a free permit now, what stops the township from coming back later and adding a fee?

Grass & Weed Ordinance: Rex reviewed the ordinance and the need for it. Comments: 1- Where did the 8” come from? 2- If we miss one weekend the grass could me over the 8” 3- Send all notices be registered mail. 4- When will county cut ditches? ( The ditches are the property owners responsibility) 5- Look at 10” - 12”, before process is started. 6- we see the need for the ordinance.

Rental Property Ordinance: Rex reviewed and explained the state requirements for rental property were different than for private dwellings. No changes are proposed for this ordinance. Comments: 1- why do we need a permit, its our property? 2- How will this be enforced? 3- I shouldn’t need a permit to rent to my family and friends.

Rex gave an update on Land Division Ordinance ad Fence Ordinance that were on the agenda.
Discussion: All were asked if there were any other issues? Everyone was thanked for coming with there input. They were reminded that our meeting are open meetings. All are welcome!
Next Meeting: June 8th. @ 9:00 AM t

Motion to adjourn meeting at 12:20 A.M. Made by Vince Berry 2ND. BY Marty Holmes. - All As and no objections, Adjourned @ 12:30 P.M.

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