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Archive - Planning Commission - 2016 - May 11
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Meeting 05-11-2016 PUBLIC HEARING


Meeting called to order at 9:00 A.M. By Chairman: Rex Rowe

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:
                                       Present       Absent

Rex Rowe                          X
Jenny Carroll                                         E
Gary Van Wambeke                              A
Martin Holmes                   X Not attending next meeting
Carl Kerr                             X
Bekey Sabourn                    X
Jim Carroll                                             E

Announcement: 3 - Public present. Mike, Kathy H. and Colin Secord Dam Meeting canceled by Boise Hydro, scheduled for 6:00 P. M.. Rex will have time sheets , after Public Hearing. ISP putting boxes in peoples houses. Colin C.: New town ship sign for M-30 a go, Carl will give board cost estimates next week. All who have trailers need a permit, no cost if only used a few weekends, 90 day permit $50.00, extension $25.00 for 40 days, if granted. Shed ordinance needed with sizes that it can be. We will review at the next meeting. Tree house plans to be submitted for permit. Special meeting planed for May 24th. 9 - 12:00 at township hall, prep for public hearing. Carl working on Ordinance Complaint Form and packages. Kathy H. brought up Trailer / R.V. ordinance, people being upset, Thinking township / Carl Kerr has gone to far with pushing for the permits. The ordinance is basically the same as the old one, just now will be enforced, for the health and welfare of the Township and its residences, only one unit is permitted per parcel. She was assured there is no hidden addenda! All will need a permit, as above rules will be followed. Mike requested hearing notices be posted on the web, like minutes. Rex will get with Kathy Wilton.

Approval of Minutes: of February 10th.. Meeting - Approval Tabled!

Old Business: Marty passed out attachment of Fire work and Peddler ordinances, for review along with Grass Ordinance DRAFTS. Enforcement of Ordinances continues to be an issue to be resolved, for now Carl will take on the Signs and R.V.‘s with other planning members.

Z.B. - Becky Sabourin - Tabled!

Z.B.A Rex: Tabled!

New Business: .Public Hearing discussion on how and what we present. Hearing scheduled for May 28th. At 10:00 A.M.. Fees: It was decided that the following fees world be given to the Township boards approvial, to be collected for these permits: Trailers / RV -$50.00 - 90 days, 40 day extension (if granted) $25.00, Rental permit $250.00 a year, Signs$50.00 up to 3’ x 5’, larger up to 4’ x 8’- $200.00. Marty talked about his Fire Works and Peddler ordinances. Rex will contact all members about SPECIAL MEETING - MAY 24th. @ 9:00 A.M., He will also remind all about public hearing Saturday May 28th. @ 10:00 A.M..

Discussion & Home Work: Review all Public Hearing issues along with Grass, Fire Works, RV/Trailer, Rental, Signs’ and Peddler Ordinances for the public hearing.

Next Meeting: May 24th. @ 9:00 AM SPECIAL MEETING

Motion to adjourn meeting at 11:40 A.M. Made by Marty Holmes 2ND. BY Carl Kerr - All As and no objections, Adjourned @ 12:15

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