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Archive - Planning Commission - 2015 - June 24
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June 24, 2015


Meeting called to order at 900 A.M. By Chairman: Rex Rowe

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:                    Present               Absent (E=Excaused)

Rex Rowe                    X
Jenny Carroll                X
Martin Holmes             X
Carl Kerr                     X
Gary VanWambeke     X
Jim Carroll                   X
Jim Marker                                                   A

Announcement: 1 - Public present. Justin Russell. The planning commission would like all tower owners to provide information on what and where the are putting these towers and give us information on the total plan. (A permit is required) As it stands now: No towers are permitted in R-1 district. Jim C. will visit the address that has there fire pit so close to the property line and talk with the owners and report back at the next meeting. Gary V. updated the committee on the Center road law suite. The tower on West Branch Dr., is an access tower for personal use. Planning looking to see if its allowed.

Minutes: of June 10th . and May 27th. Motion to approve both minutes: by Martin Holmes and 2nd. By Gary Van Wambeke All As

Z.B.A.: Nothing New
Z.A.:Notice sent Registered mail to address of people living in trailer full time.

Old Business: Carl has called all owners of signs on Lakeshore & Dam road. The only signs remaining are The Eagles. The sign board proposed for Lakeshore & Dam Rd. was approved at the last Twp. meeting. The estimated cost $1600 - $2000. Carl will seek other bids. Carl will continue to contact sign owners asking them to be removed or get a permit.
New Business: The sign permit was reviewed again Rex will finalize and get to Kathy W., & Jim M. and the web master. Carl will get with the road commission, for there approval of the concept, for that and other locations. Carl will get with the MTA to get there definition of a structure. The permit fee for signs: will be $25.00 ( This is not the cost for placing a sign on the Township sign board) The permit is required for all signs in the Township. Enforcement is an issue and who will take this on is TBD. Real state signs will be addressed at the next meeting. Rex brought up the Point of Sale Ordinance: After several meetings with the County Health Dept, the inspections are not being done on most of the sales. It was suggested that a letter be drafted to send / given to all Real a States to ask that they be sure all sales of property in our township, comply prior to closing. Jim & Jenny will draft a letter for the next meetings review. Rental Property permit was discussed: The Health Department has a formula for rental property, that works off the capacity of the system. This tells the number of people renters can rent too. (We do not know the fee they charge for this inspection). The Fee for a Rental Permit is $350.00 yearly Kathy Wilton gave us all copies of letter from the DEQ, the GIS system for Gladwin county shows the property Boyce Hydro owns. Time sheets were completed.
Assignments: Jim Carroll will continue to do the research on Fire Pit set backs. All members will review the ordinances to become familiar with them and decide who should enforce them. & prepare for next meeting.
Next Meeting: July 8th. At 9:00 A.M. Residents
& Businesses Welcome!
Motion to adjourn meeting: Made by Jenney Carroll and 2nd. By Jim Carroll. All As and no objections. Meeting was adjourned at 12:15 P.M.


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