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Archive - Planning Commission - 2015 - June 10
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June 10, 2015


Meeting called to order at 900 A.M. By Chairman: Rex Rowe

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:                      Present               Absent (E=Excaused)

Rex Rowe                       X
Jenny Carroll                   X
Martin Holmes                X
Carl Kerr                        X
Gary VanWambeke        X
Jim Carroll                      X
Jim Marker                                                  A

Announcement: 3 - Public present. Colin Combs (Twp. Supervisor), Mary & Raymond Smith. The Smith’s asked about an ordinance requiring setback from property line for fire pits. It is the belief of the planning committee, that fire pits are no different than an auxiliary structure, and should be governed by the 10” set back rule. Jim C. will look at it and report back at the next meeting. Gary V. updated the committee on the Center road law suite. Carl brought up his talk with Gary from ISPMGT, they now think the tower will have to be 80’ - 100’. Carl will call and invite them to our next meeting. The are putting a tower up on West Branch Dr. The planning commission would like them to provide information on what and where the are putting these towers.

Minutes: of June 10th. Minutes tabled tell next meeting

Z.B.A.: People living in trailer full time, parked in a back yard.

Z.A.: No report given-

Old Business: Carl has called all owners of signs on Lakeshore & Dam road. The only signs remaining are The Eagles and Crown Concrete. Carl will ask again, to have them removed. If they are not removed a citation will be issued.

New Business: The sign permit was reviewed, after a few changes were made and a few more suggested, Rex will make changes and we will vote on approval. Carl passed out a drawing of the proposed sign board for the corner of Lakeside dr. & Dam road. A few changes were suggested, Carl will update the drawing and get with the road commission , for there approval. Rex will give the board an update on the sign ordinance and sign board next week at the township meeting.
The price of the yearly sign fee will be $100.00 for 4’ x 4’ and $200.00 for a 4’ x 8, with a permit being required for all signs in the Township. Much more discussion on signs and enforcement. We now need to address all signs in the township must be notified of there need for a permit. Rental Property permit was discussed, Rex and Colan met with the Health Department and they have a formula for rental property, that works off the capacity of the system. This tells the number of people renters can rent to. (We do not know the fee they charge for this inspection). The Fee for a Rental Permit is $350.00 yearly. Rex gave update on our budget for 2015, noting lots yet to do.
Assignments: Jim Carroll will do the research on Fire Pit set backs. All members will review the ordinances to become furmiluar with them. Rex will prepare for next weeks Town Ship meeting

Next Meeting: June 24th. At 9:00 A.M. Residents
& Businesses Welcome!

Motion to adjourn meeting: Made by Jenney Carroll and 2nd. By Jim Carroll. All As and no objections. Meeting was adjourned at 11:45 A.M.


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