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Archive - Planning Commission - 2014 - November 12
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November 12, 2014

Meeting called to order at 10:00 A.M. By Chairman: Rex Rowe

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call -Present: Rex Rowe, Jenny Carroll, Jim Carroll, Gary Van-Wambeke, Carl Kerr Absent: Martin Holmes, Jim Marker

Announcement: 18 - Public present and all township Board Members

The Hearing was opened at 10:05 A.M.

Rex reviewed the purpose of the meeting ( comments on any issues of concern in the 350 approximant pages of the zoning section. The comments will be taken into consideration by the planning board and then recommendation made to the board for changes or remaining the same) and set the rules for speaking on issues ( 5 minutes max. unless chairman gives permission to extend.) The reason for this Master Plan and Zoning was do the the changes by The Stated of Michigan in 2008, witch made our ordinances null and void. Permits coasts were increased to cover the cost of enforcing them and new permits required to control problem areas. Carl asked that everyone sign in, for the record of the hearing.
Public Comments: Janet Alley - C-3 Commercial property being rezoned, Does not thin we should do that with out owner requesting it. C-3.5 Number of buildings allowed on one parcel of land, Does not think we should limit the number. 5-6 18í minimum width in R-1 zone Does not think this is fair, eliminating trailers. 6-C nonconforming buildings, size of foot print, Dose not think we should limit them. Mike Fagen - 18í on foot print, Does not think its fair to limit. Rezoning of property with out being requested, Thinks this is unfair, does not allow owner to do as he wants with his property. He recognizes need for new ordinances. Fred Seib - Rezoning of his property, Does not think this is fair and would like to leave his property to airs to be able to buile on if they like. Kathy Wilton - Number of trailers on one property should be limited, there is owner/s on river renting out multiple spaces on one lot. Jim Cooper - Commercial Property, can you build a residence on commercial property? NO!. Mike Fagen ask to have the new R-2 & C-2 Districts explained. Rex explained them. Jim Cooper - Does r-1 extend South of the Dam?, No Waterfront property South of the dam is R-2 due to larger parcels of land, as to not restrict the owners abilities. Bob Walton - Trailers & R. V. $200.00 Fee Good idea as these people pay minimal taxes and have the same benefits as home owners. Jenny Carroll - Enforcement continues to be our number one problem. Rex - When Zoning is approved the planning committee will start to write procedures for all zoning ordinances. Colin Combs - When procedures are in place, will direct enforcement officer to address all issues. Jim Cooper - Looking ahead is encouraging , as last 20 years enforcement was very poor. Colin Combs, Jim Cooper and Kathy Wilton all congratulated the Planning Committee on a job well done. Mike Fagan - People donít realize what a big job this is. Lim Carroll - As past zoning administrator, 50% was common sciences and 30% neighbor against neighbor. This is the reason for permits and enforcement. Kathy Wiliton - We all think this is a great place to live and want it to continue to be. Carl Kerr -Secord Township is one of the nicest, safest communities around, with clean air and water, reasonable taxes, great roads. This is all thanks to The Town Ship Board and all the dedicated committee members, who spend there time keeping it that way. And we all want it to stay that way and continue to improve.
Rex thanked everyone for coming, asked for the communities continued input in the future, as this is a living document that will continue to change as we proceed. Our goal is to have this document ready to give to the township board on November 19th. 2014.

Discussion & Home Work: Members will review Zoning section changes from Public Hearing for discussion at the next meeting.

Next Meeting: November 12th. @ 9:00 A.M.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 11:05 Made by Jenny Carroll and 2nd. By Jim Carroll - All As and no objections, Meeting Adjourned!


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