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Archive - Planning Commission - 2014 - September 17
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September 17, 2014

Meeting called to order at 8:00 A.M. By Vice Chairman: Jim Carrol

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:                     Present       Absent

Rex Rowe                                        E
Jenny Carroll                   X
Gary Van Wambeke       X
Martin Holmes                X
Carl Kerr                        X
Jim Marker                                      E
Jim Carroll                      X

Announcement: 1 - Public present. Colin Combs (Supervisor)

Approval of Minutes: of September 10th. - Motion to approved minutes by Marty Holmes and 2nd. By - Gary Van Wambeke All As

Old Business: Carl went to Health Department and met with Michel & Doug, much information was exchanged and Carl gave both a copy of our proposed Point of Sale ordinance. Carl passed out a copy of lawyer response to all members. The bottom line is not recommended to go back in time on violators and to proceed slowly. Carl will also check on mobile signs and be sure they are included in our ordinance. (TABLED)

Z.B. - Jim Marker - N.A.

Z.B.A. 2 new variance hearing scheduled for October. Attached Garage 14-12 and 14-13 for addition.

New Business: Our talks continued on the Point of Sale ordinance, Carl reviewed meeting with Michel & Doug. It was clear that work remains on this issue and the wording changed to get the Township Boards approval ( the word mandatory will be removed). The other issue is who will enforce it? Our enforcement officer, our Zoning Administrator or our Constables? The planning committee will draw up a procedure for the board to look at (this issue tabled tell next meeting). Carl suggested that we put Survey in December News Letter. This article must be turned in by November 1st. A article in section 3 on rental of property in Second Twp. was added to require a permit for rental of property. ( our goal is to be sure the number of people using the rental does not exceed the septic capacity.). A motion was made by Jim Carroll and 2nd. By Marty Holmes to change the fence height in the fence ordinance DRAFT from 4 to 6 All As. This will be changed in the DRAFT that goes out to the public. Carl will call Denise for the change. He will also ask her to draft up the Bubbler ordinance, to be added.
Carl will give Planning committee report at Township Meeting. He will ask the Board to Approve the Master Plan and for them to Approve the release the Zoning section for public review. This is required by law to be posted 15 days prior to a public hearing, being scheduled. ( tentative date October 18th. @ 10:oo A.M.). Carl sent E mails to the planning members and to Kathy to send to the township Board Members. Carl will meet with Colin Combs prior to the Township Board meeting at 10:00 A.M., to up date him on our meeting.

Discussion & Home Work: Members will review Zoning section , prior to next weeks meeting.

Next Meeting: October 8th. @ 900 A.M. Carl will not be present.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 9:30 Made by Jenny Carroll and 2nd. By Gary Van Wambeke - All As and no objections, Meeting Adjourned!


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