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Archive - Planning Commission - 2012 - September 12
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September 12 2012

Meeting called to order at 7:00 P.M. By Chairman: Rex Rowe

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:                    Present               Absent (E=Excused)

Rex Rowe                      X
Jenny Carroll                  X
Colin Combs                  X
Martin Holmes               X
Carl Kerr                      X
Tony Reale                    X
Jim Carroll                     X
Alan Shirkey                                             X
Jim Marker(alternate)                                E

Announcement: 0 - Public present. Carl a copy of definitions in word from Anamika. Rex attended MTA meeting (Hot Topics)in August and gave report. Need for Ordnances for Road End use, condominiums,
Phone towers and many others. Carl will continue to gather pictures. Anamika will need mapping from Gina soon, Carl met with Gina and got pass word for county G.I.S. system and gave to all members. Colin gave Carl picture for file of lifted dock, reference to bubbler issue. Marty gave Carl CD of pictures. Rex reported on meeting with Gadwin county road and building departments. New sign added to Lake Shore Drive & Damn Road. The signs will remain there tell new Sign ordinance is finalized and approved. At that time all signs will have to meet new ordinance requirements in time allowed.

Minutes: of August 15th. Meeting were Approved! Motion by Jenny Carroll 2nd. By Marty Holmes All A’s

Z.B.A.: Public Hearing 12-04 was held on 9/10/12 For property on West Branch Drive, variance for Pole Barn approved.

Old Business: Rex handed out new assignment list, four new ordinances were received (1- Jenny Carroll. 1-Jim Carroll, 2- Marty Holmes) for review by all at next meeting. Rex handed out sample forms for all to review, he will get with Alan to review and finalize prior to our review, we also received fee schedule that must be updated. Rex still working on Web site update.

New Business: All members have copies, or will be E-Mailed of what Anamika sends and will review for next meeting. Rex will follow up on township Map from Gina. Tony Reale handed out copies of Fracking ordinance for all to review. Carl working on sign ordinance, looking at creating a permit. E.M.C.O.G. invoice will be paid this month
, Carl will descuss with Anamika, along with canceling conference call as time will be to late as scheduled. We reviewed Anamika’s package with decussion on each page, the definitions section and Carl will O.K. as written with additions. He will request chapter in word and other sections she has completed, along with other issues. A request for a meeting schedule with her and additional guidance will be requested.

Assignments: All board members to review Anamika packages, continue working on assigned ordinances, review drafts of ordinances given by members and talk with friends and neighbors about Natural Gas.

Next Meeting: September 19th. @ 12:00 P.M., following township Board meeting. Residents Welcome!

Motion to adjourn meeting: Made by Jenney Carroll and 2nd. By Tony Reale. All As and no objections. Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 P.M.


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