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Archive - Planning Commission - 2012 - July 18
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July 18, 2012

Meeting called to order at 12:40 P.M. By Chairman: Rex Rowe

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:                    Present               Absent

Rex Rowe                      X
Jenny Carroll                                            X
Colin Combs                 X
Martin Holmes               X
Carl Kerr                     X
Tony Reale                    X
Jim Carroll                                                 X
Alan Shirkey                                              X
Jim Marker (alternate)   X

Announcement: 0 - Public present. Carl gave presentation on MTA meeting he attended on June 5th. Carl will get with Anamika to confirmation phone conference at August 15th. Meeting. Rex will attend MTA meeting in August 13th and give report to the township board.

Minutes: of July 11th. Meeting were Approved! Motion by Marty Holmes and 2nd. By Tony Reale All Aís Thanks to Jenny Carroll

Z.B.A.: Nothing to report. Allan not in attendance to update status.
Public Hearing scheduled for July 23rd. For property on West River Drive.

Old Business: Land use Permit needed, Carl gave Rex copy of Gladwinís. Jim Marker suggested we develop a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and a New News section on our web site. Rex will set up meeting with Dwight and Kathy Wilton for input. Signs in our township are becoming big issue, Carl passed out copies of Gladwinís ordinance for all to review along with our current ordinance. Fracking ordinance is needed to control, waste water, soil and drinking water testing. County commissioners working on same issue.

New Business: All members have copies of what Anamika sent, and will review and mark up for next meeting. Rex will send PDF file to Carl of preliminary copy of township Map from Gina. Colin brought up: Septic Systems/Port a Potty and running water becoming top priority for township. Carl will look into Emergency Sirens being added to Gladwin at cost of 21,000, we need to follow up for our township, Gladwin permit for signs given to all for review and comments. Zoning top 10 list for reviewed.

Assignments: All board members to review Anamika package and mark up for decussion, Gladwinís ordinance on Signs along with ours are to be reviewed, also take note of types of signís we like. Carl will get with road commission on Elk Lake sign. Top 10 Zoning list for items assigned to all members for rewriting our ordinances. (Rex-signs, Jim & Jenny- Permitted uses & Zoning Districts, Tony-Fracking, Marty- Fire works, Carl- Parking-RVís storage-Recreational Equipment, Colin- Wells - Skepticís, Jim M- Wind/Towers-Marijuana Outlets)

Next Meeting: August 8th. @ 10:00 A.M. Residents Welcome!

Motion to adjourn meeting: Made by Marty Holmes and 2nd. By Tony Reale. All As and no objections. Meeting was adjourned at 2:50 P.M.


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