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Archive - Planning Commission - 2010 - May 12
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May 12, 2010

In Attendance: Thelma Mitchell, Rex Rowe, Tony Reale, Colin Combs, Mike Fagan, Jenny Carroll, Mickey Hetherington and Jim Carroll, Zoning Adm.

Absent: none

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM by Thelma Mitchell, Chairperson. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Roll call was taken with all members present.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Motion to approve April 14, 2010 minutes was made by Combs, 2nd by Reale.

Old Business:

A special meeting was scheduled for June 16 at 1:00 pm to review and update the Fence ordinance. Other ordinance’s will be reviewed and updated if needed. An extra meeting in September might be needed to accomplish this work.
Work is started on the proposed zoning change of the land south of the hall. Mickey is working on the following; Public Hearing Notice and the Letter to notify the land owners & neighbors. We have received from Bill Karbowski the names of both the property owners to be changed from A1 to C1 and the neighbors within 300 ft of the change. Rex has agreed to find out about the tax cost change for the properties when they are changed to C-1. We also need the property description for the parcels being changed from A1 to C1. When completed the Secord Township Board will review and then it will go to our attorney before the Public Hearing date is decided. Mike asked how much land was involved in the change to C1. It is important so we don’t have to go through this process again real soon.
Floating dock ordinance will be typed by Mickey and be ready for review and approval at the next meeting.
Allen Sabourin 6 foot privacy fence request. Letters were sent to the neighbors of Al to notify them of the fence request. Thelma read several letters she received from the neighbors and none were in favor of the fence. Al asked how many letters were sent and why. Rex stated it was standard procedure to notify neighbors within 300 feet. Al had pictures and documents for the committee to look at. The discussion of the committee after reviewing the property and the reasons for the request is that it would not alleviate the problem. A roll call vote on the fence request was: Mitchell-no, Rowe-no, Combs-no, Reale-no, Hetherington-no, Fagan-no and Jenny Carroll-no. Mr. Sabourin’s request for a 6 foot fence was denied. Thelma told him he could take it to the ZBA.

New Business:

Dean Welch, 1070 Secord Dam Road had an application for a Special Use Permit to use a pole barn at 1010 Secord Dam Road to repair salvage vehicles. Mr. Welch said that the barn can hold up to six vehicles and none would be stored outside. He stated he will work on two or three vehicles per month, no signs will be posted and there will be no noise. There will be no sale of parts or vehicles at this location. A roll call vote was taken to allow Mr. Welch a special use permit with the following stipulations:
o No sale of parts or vehicles
o No storage or scraps outside of pole barn
o This Special Use Permit will be for 2 years
The roll call vote was: was: Mitchell-yes, Rowe-yes, Combs-yes, Reale-yes, Hetherington-yes, Fagan-yes and Jenny Carroll-yes. The Special Use Permit was approved. Jim Carroll-Zoning Administrator will sign the Zoning Approval Form and Mickey will send Mr. Welch a formal letter stating the committee’s decision.
Kathie Hart, Secord Township Clerk asked Thelma how the work Rex was doing on the Ordinance book was coming along. He is working on rewriting, updating and reformatting the ordinances. She wanted to know if they could have a special meeting to talk about the Ordinance Book. They will set a date for this meeting.

The next meeting date is June 16, 2010 at 1:00 p.m.

Motion was made by Fagan to adjourn, 2nd by Reale at 11:10 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Mickey Hetherington, Secretary

Cc: Kathie Hart

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