Secord Township   1507 Secord Dam Road    Gladwin,  Michigan 48624
Secord Township Hall Rental
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Secord Township Hall Rental

The hall is available for rent to all Secord Township property owners

Reservations can be made by calling, Maria Alward, Clerk at 989-426-7445.

Smoking is not permitted in the township hall.

Alcohol is not permitted on the premises - either in the hall or on the grounds

User Fees
Small Functions Rental $100 Deposit $200
Larger Functions Rental $200 Deposit $300
Township Resident Funeral Functions Rental Free Deposit $100

User must agree not to occupy or use the premises, nor permit the premises to be used for any "For Profit" business activity or to remove any furniture from Township Hall structure while in possession of premises.

User must agree to obey any and all local, state and federal ordinances, laws and statutes, rules and regulations. User must agree not to commit, nor to permit the commission of any illegal or immoral activities on the premises while in possession of the premises.

User must agree not to assign nor Set, or sublet the whole or any part of the premises.

User must agree to be responsible for any and all damage, both property and personal, that may occur while in possession of the premises. User must agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owner, its officers, agents, employees, successors, and assigns for any damages user and his/her guests may incur fom the use and occupancy of the premises.

User must agree to provide security while in possession of the premises and to present a copy of Home Owners Insurance at time Rental Agreement is signed.

User must agree to comply with statutory retaliations, Smoking is prohibited in municipal buildings.

User must agree telephone is only for emergency use.

User must agree Hall will be clean (with all food and garbage removed from premises). windows closed, doors locked, key returned to Clerk's Office and Hall vacated by 2:00AM on day of rental.